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 Welcome To UNISLCF
  World Visition is humanitarian charitable organization

NEW UPDATES: Our Chairman Dr.T.Dinesh Kumar Ph.D receiving KARMAVEER PURASHKAR award (NEW DELHI -

2011) from ICONGO (International Conference of NGO's).



Universal Smile Life Charitable Foundation

Universal Smile Life Charitable Foundation (UNISLCF) is a Non-Profit organization registered in India and it was founded in 2008 by Dr.T.Dinesh Kumar. The aims and objectives of UNISLCF are varied,yet pointed towards the common goal of making a positive difference to the quality of life throught education. Moreover, in this direction we feel the most important are:
  • To work to provide quality education to all and eradicate illiteracy.
  • To help in improving health care services in the district.
  • To involve the community in sharing the responsibility of improving its health status.
  • To create awareness about the importance of environment and its preservation for good health.
  • To empower women through income generating skills.
  • To encourage and create awareness among local people preserving their cultural and traditional heritage.
  • Food and shelter for the poor orphaned and the old aged .

As a Social Venture Philanthropist, Universal Smile Life Charitable Foundation promotes and catalyses universal education among underprivileged children, create the process to embrace these children into mainstream in a sustained manner, facilitate them to emerge as productive assets, and set the foundation for nation building.

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